Nice Bison, Caleb W. Cliff, Marcellus Hall

Paul Schomer

Paul Schomer

Welcome to Radio Crowdfund #14. Nothing doing on Indiegogo this week for me, so settle for updates from Family Photo and Coldsons. You won’t regret it.

Thanks to all the artists in advance for letting me use photos. Let me know if credit is due and I will add names and link back.

Woof woof, campaign updates…

DONE HIT IT — congratulations in order

MUST KICK IT — pretty please, they all say
> FAMILY PHOTO: A few clicks to go to hit their modest $2K goal, 21 days, this band rocks!
> COLDSONS: Still need about $1K to hit $2500, 24 days, help all the young dudes out.
> THE FLOORWALKERS: Halfway to $8K, what they simply must hit on Kickstarter in 17 days.
> BLACK HI-LIGHTER: Only up $100 in the last week! Must hit $3500 in the next two weeks.
> FAREWELL FLIGHT: Climbing to over $6K, looking up at $10K. 38 days to go. Don’t wait.
> PHOTO SANS NOM: A mere $700 left to reach $4400 goal. GREAT Chicago sounds.
> MOTHER FALCON (Austin, TX): Just under half of $40K with 4 days to go, even with their entire CD streamed for free on NPR Music. Calling angels.



Photo by Keith Kidston

NICE BISON (Chicago, IL)
$1245 pledged of a $5000 goal / 18 DAYS to go
If you like Steely Dan… the Windy City has the answer and they’re named Nice Bison. But seriously, there is much more here Fagen and Becker worship, I promise. The gang finished a new album, Rituals, when it was still below zero in February and they are crowdfunding to press vinyl.

Precious little about the band online, except THE ENTIRE ALBUM in the BandCamp thing at the bottom right corner on every page of their wacky web site. Myself, I like Steely Dan, going way back, and I never believed what anyone said about either Fagen or Becker.

Hook these Midwestern jazz rock groovers up with 10 free minutes and perhaps a good kick if you feel inspired. You may find a new fave.

Nice Bison on Kickstarter
Nice Bison’s new album Rituals

CALEB W. CLIFF (Somerville, MA)
$1,186 pledged of a $5500 goal / 18 DAYS to go
calebI have no real business reviewing electronic music, but I found this particular palette mesmerizing, which I believe is  exactly what the best of this stuff is supposed to do.

Mr. Cliff has been a man of many musical identities over the last 20 years, producing individual tracks under the names (glad I didn’t use “monikers”?) of Isthumus, Finetik, Sonotropic, and Mandy & Her Tickets and Table Manners, and now finds himself “researching the healing effects of music” in a Massachusetts masters program. Healing, indeed. The guy need look no further than his own back catalog. Fixed my scene right up.

Good Caleb is on Kickstarter to suck up pledges for his new album, in the making for the last several years. Disclosure: I was pleasantly surprised to find the he studied music composition at my alma mater, a nice bonus but no influence on my appreciation of his sounds. Give it a listen, possibly a kick. On the Wolverine up to Annandale, people.

Caleb W. Cliff on Kickstarter
Caleb’s music (click through on “Sono” for SoundCloud stuff from each musical incarnation)

$5100 pledged of a $5000 goal / 19 DAYS to go

Photo by Ali Smith

Photo by Ali Smith

Breaking a rule again — Marcellus hit his goal a few days ago — but I like the cut of his Kickstarter video pitch in addition to his music. He’s quite the talented mug: illustrator, children’s book author, comic stripper (strip-ist?), solo musician and bandmate in White Hassle and Railroad Jerk… a veritable renee-sunce dude.

Have a listen to Broken Phone or Laughing With You and maybe a few of the other tracks collected on myspace (I know, I know, but get past the brutal user experience popup player just this once). You might agree, he’s got some choosy chops.

Marcellus is crowdfunding a new album, recording under Marcellus Hall & The Hostages. If it’s anything like his 2011 solo shot The First Line, you’re guaranteed some fine music.

Marcellus Hall on Kickstarter
Marcellus Hall on myspace

Wrap. Thanks for stopping by and see you next week… be sure to follow me on Twitter @radiocrowdfund for updates during the next week.