Jack Martin, Olin & the Moon, Kathryn Legendre

Paul Schomer

Paul Schomer

Welcome to Radio Crowdfund #17, wherein I introduce embedded mp3s and videos to the mix. This is a real audio/video extravaganza now.

To get it out there: crowdfunding keeps me honest. I’m not just crowing about some random band. As far as I’m concerned, these acts have shown commitment to the craft by taking the initiative to launch a campaign, no mean feat.

Thanks to all the artists in advance for letting me use photos and allowing me to link directly to your wonderful, original music. Let me know if credit is due for uncredited photos.

First, thee campaign updates…

STORIES OF SUCCESS onward, upward, rockward…

NEEDING A KICK. won’t you? please?
> ADRIANNE LENKER: Starting to get late momentum. $2800 of $10K, but just a week to go.
> THE LOOM: Good for Brooklyn. $5625 of $10K, 11 days.
> FAREWELL FLIGHT: $7742 of $10K. 9 days.
> EMILY BELL: A bit of a stall, $5220 of $15K, 13 days left.
> BLACK SEA HOTEL: Just under $4600 of a $7800 goal, more Brooklyn!
> SPORTS & LEISURE: Close! $470 to hit a $3K goal. 8 days.


JACK MARTIN (Portland, OR)
$2164 pledged of a $3K goal / 23 days to go
jackI’m psyched to be starting up with the mp3s, as this earnest, deceptively heartbroken songwriter who learned about harmonizing in an a cappella group, has got some fine songs up on the web and free for download. A few more tracks live on my kind of YouTube channel — less than 400 total views! This is a career just pulling out of a station in the wild new music frontier, my droogies.

Jack’s young site, AFolkMusician.com, has one new single (Earthy Man), a demo (lovely Simon & Garfunkel-style duet, Breaking Your Heart), and a track from his duo Booty & the Bandit with Ruth Ginelle (House of Cards). I’ve posted Earthy Man here because it’s quickly become a new favorite. The others may please you as well, follow the links.

Jack is on Kickstarter to release an album and he’s got a sober $3K goal and a week into the campaign, he’s 2/3 of the way there. Kick him over. Maybe he can buy a new baseball cap…




Jack Martin on Kickstarter
House of Cards, Breaking Your Heart on Jack’s Blog
Jack’s YouTube channel

OLIN & THE MOON (Los Angeles, CA)
$1300 pledged of a $10k goal / 52 days to go
olinA nice way-off deadline for this band’s cliff-high goal. The lead vocals of David LaBrel calmly knocked me out, trembling with a breathy, rodeo sweetheart style. His brother Travis contributes echo-laden lead guitar teamed with the pining pedal steel guitar of bandmate Brian McGinnis.

The quintet transplanted as an indivisible unit from Idaho to LA and didn’t lose a folk-rock step. After recording a debut disc, they suffered a year-long setback when drummer Marshall Vore had his leg severely broken by some thugs after a gig. But they are determined to crowdfund a comeback album that you do not want to miss.

The video for the O&TM track Wasted (embedded below, also on their campaign page, good move guys) was what hooked me, but be sure to check out the rest, especially the song used in their pitch video, Something I Need To Break, which lives on Bandcamp. Killer. Kick it up.

Olin & the Moon on Kickstarter
Something I Need to Break
Facebook (5 more awesome tunes)

$760 pledged of a $3K goal / 29 days to go
Pure country music is a bit out of my range, but for this voice, I get to make an exception. Kathryn reminds me quite a bit of Jewel, but less warbling, more pure. She’s just starting out and has a way to go — she refers to herself in her campaign pitch video as “a growing singer songwriter,” but just listen to those vocals. I’ve dropped in Days Like These from Reverb Nation below.

Kathryn is on Kickstarter to pass the hat for her debut album. She can’t go wrong if she includes her track Guy, a tribute to Guy Clark. When the right material hits this voice, I firmly believe there will be no stopping this young Texan.


Kathryn Legendre on Kickstarter
Kathryn on Bandcamp

Another wrap. Thanks for stopping by and see you next week… be sure to follow me on Twitter @radiocrowdfund for updates on discoveries during the next week.